Using Indy ISDN

 General Information


The SGI Indy has a nice ISDN port - but it is not useable in Europe with the default configuration because it is configured for a different protocol that is commonly used in the USA. But you can switch over to the european protocol.

Enabling DSS-1 ISDN

In order to use the ISDN connector of the Indy in Europe (which uses an ISDN protocol called 'DSS-1' or 'Euro-ISDN') you have to change the file /etc/config/isdnd.options as follows:

#### ALL EUROPEAN CUSTOMERS (including Germany and France) ###
# If your switch software is NET3, also known as DSS-1 or Euro-ISDN,
# remove the pound sign from the line below.

# WARNING: Indy has been certified in many--but not all--countries that
# use Euro-ISDN switch software. You should verify that Indy ISDN has
# been certified in your country before connecting your Indy to an ISDN
# line. Connecting uncertified ISDN equipment to your national ISDN
# network may be a violation of federal law. 
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