Installing IRIX Overlays

 General Information


In the SGI slang, the word "Overlay" just means "update". Overlays are only available for IRIX 6.5.x, and you cannot update a pre-6.5 installation to 6.5.x, even not by trying to install the overlays.

You can download overlays directly from SGIs website, but beware that you won't get the newest version unless you have a support contract. Also note that if you download overlays, you cannot create a bootable CD without some big efforts. But you can still use the downloaded version for updating a working IRIX 6.5.x system or you can even use the downloaded version for booting over a network.

How to upgrade a system

Installing IRIX overlays onto a functional is a very easy task. You only have to start the software manager by typing swmgr and then open all overlay CDs.