Changing Colour Depth

 General Information


Now you have a fresh installed IRIX system, but your desktop is still working in 8bit. This might be frustrating, especially if you have a powerful graphic option.

Using 24bit Truecolour Mode

In order to change the color depth to 24bit, you have to modify the file /usr/lib/X11/xdm/Xservers like follows:

:0 secure /usr/bin/X11/X -bs -nobitscale -c -solidroot sgilightblue -cursorFG red -cursorBG white -depth 24 -class TrueColor

Note the addition of "-depth 24 -class TrueColor" and the removal of "-pseudomap 4sight". After modifying the file, the system has to be rebooted or you may also simply stop and restart the X server by typing

>> /usr/gfx/stopgfx
>> /usr/gfx/startgfx

Using 12bit Indexed Colour Mode

If you want to use an colour indexed mode with 12bits (4096 colours), you should change the line in /usr/lib/X11/xdm/Xservers to

:0 secure /usr/bin/X11/X -bs -nobitscale -c -pseudomap 4sight -solidroot sgilightblue -cursorFG red -cursorBG white -depth 12 -class PseudoColor

And again the system has to be rebooted or the X server has to be restarted by typing

>> /usr/gfx/stopgfx
>> /usr/gfx/startgfx