IRIX Administration Guide

 General Information
Welcome to Majix's IRIX Administration Guide. This guide started as a small project, because it turned out to be rather hard to get information on setting up and administrating IRIX. Some screenshots of the IRIX desktop can be found here.

1. Installation

The first section tries to explain how you get IRIX on a blank disc. Unfortunately this isn't self-explanatory and especially beginners might get frustrated. But once the system is set up, IRIX will be a pleasure to administrate.

2. Networking

An operating system without networking is as boring as a TV without an antenna. Setting up networking with the newest IRIX release (6.5) is easy, but with older versions you might find some difficulties.

3. Administration

Now you have running box, so what's next? There are many things you want to or even should change. This section tries to help you finding a starting point for administration and maybe even helps you with your daily work.

4. Magic Desktop

The SGI IRIX Magic Desktop - when it came out, it must have been like a revolution. But there are some details not everyone knows.

5. Software

Well using only IRIX won't help you much, here I will point you to some productive software.